Blast Injury


Our first meeting as young and unprofessional musicians was on the 11th of March 2012. With former guitarist Konrad and former Vocalist Julius we spent the next weeks in a dirty basement basically just fooling and jamming around. After some riffs came together and some kind of boundary was established the idea of founding a band popped into our minds.

Very early we released our first unbelievably shitty, lousy and bad sounding "Demo" simply bearing the stupid name #1. We released that Demo as "Whorelywood".

After that we changed our name to "Infected", which was the next stupid Idea (simply because every fucking second band is called Infected). We won a local Bandcontest called "Baumes beste Band" and recorded another bad single called "Proskynesis".

But the next major change wasn't far ahead: With Julius leaving the band and being replaced by Phil, we became more serious, and-starting to work on our first SERIOUS release - more skilled and professional.

On May the 9th 2015 Konrad decided to leave the band for personal reasons but nevertheless he did us a favour and finished his work on the EP (thanks!).

Now the day has finally come where we proudly present our very first release: the



Defiance EP



Phil - Vocals

Phil joined the Band at the end of 2014. He is the guy who ruins his voice for our music. Pretty cool huh?

Phil Joined the Band at the end of 2014. He is the guy who ruins his voice for our music. Pretty cool

Maike - Bass
We'd probably be already split up without her. Besides from always killing it on the bass, she basically is the one to look out for us so we don't  forget everything important.


Leo - Drums
Beating the Fifty Shades Of Fuck out of his Drumset might be his only hobby. Just listen to him playing and be glad that you don't have to switch places with his drums.


Lars - Guitar

Once in a while we let him out of the cellar where we keep him so he can feed on 20 year old bread and show us what he learned on the guitar during all the free time alone in the cellar. If he practices well he'll gets some pickles.

We first let him out of the cellar early 2016.